Kenneth T. Murphy

Owner, Murphy Empire Design

Maine College of Art and Design 2003

Ken has over twenty years of design and creative experience with extensive knowledge of many design, art and media processes and applications.

President of the EMPIRE REINDEER CHRISTMAS CLUB, which hosts an annual charity gala to benefit Toys for Tots Foundation.

"Art and design has always been the biggest part of my life. Having a fine art background, and a design education from The Maine College of Art has allowed me to approach design from a foundational perspective. I learned the rules from some of the finest instructors. Now, I try to make new ones and break them regularly."


Current collaborators:

R. J. Condon

Owner, Rugged Coastal Typographie


Creative Director, Designer



Film Producer, Owner, Timber & Frame


We have a true passion for design.


Murphy Empire Graphic Design is growing, more designers, larger space. We regularly accept internships from The Maine College of Art (MECA). The interns we've had work with us have wonderfully added their talent and fresh approach to our environment, inspiring us to constantly evolve, and be open to new concepts. 2014 is a year we are very excited about.

We the designers at Murphy Empire are interested in finer graphic design media in a new era of visual communication. Providing graphic design & concept development for logos, identities, branding, promotions, marketing, websites, and social media for select companies and organizations.

Our primary focus is aesthetic quality and originality of concept, design development and execution for any visual design. Forever striving to re-invent ourselves on a regular basis, we are inherently interested in pushing ideas to reveal the purest form of visual representation.

We love exploring and being inspired to generate concepts to be the most effective for our clients and projects, and work to create the best possible solution for any challenge.

We are artists, and we love type, and pride ourselves on pushing the limits of typography and letterforms, and the integration of type with graphic content. Combining our love for art and design is what we strive for to set us apart.

Because of our love of Portland, Maine, and the northeast, we draw inspiration from the everyday beauty and rugged life around us. We feel lucky and proud to live here and are deeply passionate about our world we emulate through design.